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Who Is Dougie Hendrix?



Who is Dougie Hendrix?

“It was like I was giving her the answers to the test and she still failed…”~Dougie Hendrix

You come across a gem every now and again and I was fortunate to unearth this one. South Carolina has been on the rise for some time now musically, but because the market is small you rarely hear about the talent that it prouduces. Today, I am proud to present to the indepenent music world an artist that goes by the name of Dougie Hendrix A.K.A, Mr. Hop On One Leg. Dougie, I mean Neil Hines age 21 born and raised in Florence South Carolina, knew at a very young age that he was destined for greatness. I had a chance to have a casual conversation with him to really understand who is as a person. There are so many words that can describe his character, but one word that sticks out is “humble”

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

TFN: So Dougie, whats good bro? I am honored to have this opprotunity to interview you. I have been following you for a minute now and I was fasinated by your growth.

Dougie Hendrix: I appriciate that. That's whats up.

TFN: I checked out some of your earlier interviews, the one you did at Allen University….

Dougie Hendrix: Shout out to Special Needs Media. Yeah man, I was so nervous that show. That was my first show. It's different when you are on stage in front of hundreds of people and you are trying to perform AND make sure they recieve my music.

TFN: I can only imagine

TFN: So what made you get into music?

Dougie Hendrix: Hmmmm, I always thought that I could sing and dance, but I didn't start getting serious until last year. I met Zoe at CIAA, we exchanged cards and we've been good every since.

TFN: Who are some of your influances in the industry?

Dougie Hendrix: Usher, I like Usher becasue he stays in his lane, you barely hear any negativity attached to his name plus he's talented, also Big Krit. I got a chance to go to his show recently, got two free tickets and was like fuck it (excuse my language). 

TFN: you good, lol.

Dougie Hendrix: He is talented, the way he interacted with the audience, his band, true entertainment. His energy is crazy.

TFN: Cool, Cool. I'm going to switch directions a little bit. I got a chance to listen to a few songs from your cataloge and I was really intrigued with your song “Help Me, Dont Hurt Me” what was the inspiration behind this song?

Dougie Hendrix: *starts singing* Help me, dont hurt me dont you know that I got a problem at first you thought that I was thirsty I heard you got a baby mama oo baby please never desert me trying to stay away from all the drama lets find a diffrent way...*fades out the song* My ex at the time is responsible for this track. She would get mad and not talk to me, I would let her know to communicate with me…It was like I was giving her the answer to the test and she still failed. So in order to cope, I would get a bottle of Paul Masson and write.

TFN: Trust me, I understand….(had an off the record convo)  

TFN: Ok, moving on, I don't want to open up any old wounds, lol. So your style is a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop, who is your target audience?

Dougie Hendrix: Anybody who would listen, lol. For real, I always like the looking in a woman's eye and singing to them, I love the reaction that I get when I perform to them. It feels good, there is no other feeling better than that. I don't really rock with too many dudes, because I've been hated on my whole life because I was a ladies man. If you see any dudes around me, thats team and my Family…..But I'm learning, I am a work in progress. I am learning to focus on the bigger picture, but I just love women. 

TFN: Ok, cool. So you have this song and dance called “Hop On One Leg”, how did that come about?

Dougie Hendrix: Yeah man, me and my home girl would go to the club, we would always come up with some routines and this one we did in the club (Drunk), she was like you need to make that a routine and there you have it. It is crazy, they play that song on all the radio station here. I can't even go into Wal-Mart without being recognized for it. I might be young, but I am doing exactly what that song says “Hopping On One Leg til I can't no mo'”… my knees hurt and back hurt…lol.

TFN: Any big accomplishment that you are proud of?

Dougie Hendrix: Yeah, I got a chance to open up for Bryson Tiller and Wale. I have a single coming out with Trina. I think my manager already got the track, just don't want me to hear it yet, but I'm being patient.

TFN: Thats what up, salute to you for that.

TFN: Last question, I would ask you where do you see yourself 5 years from now, but we both know, in this industry you can blow up in 24 hours. So I'm going to ask, in the next 6 months to a year where do you see yourself?

Dougie Hendrix: Man, I want to be the new face of entertainment, you know how when Chris Brown came out and was the face for a while, I want to be like that, On the cover of Jet and other magazines. I see myself being the next young R.Kelly, I want to bring Chocolate back, lol. I plan on having my clothing Line and starting my own label and signing my own artist to Hendrix Music Group. I have an EP dropping soon. No date, I'm just going to drop it out of nowhere.

*Follow up question*
TFN: have you had any Major labels reach out to yet?

Dougie Hendrix: Yeah, Sony.

TFN: That is whats up. I really appreciate this opportunity again to talk to you. Keep up your hard work and stay focus and you can go all the way. Peace.

Dougie Hendrix: Thank you, Blessings.

Instagram: Dougie_Hendrix

Twitter: Dougie Hendrix

SoundCloud Dougie Hendrix

Facebook Dougie Hendrix



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