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MIKE WE$T Interview



Today, I interview Hazardous Records recording artist  MIKE WE$T. MIKE WE$T has been causing a lot of buzz on the internet due to him dropping his hot song “You” (which he also dropped a music video for). He’s someone that we should all be on the lookout for this year; he’s talented and full of creativity. You can also keep up with MIKE WE$T on Twitter , and Soundcloud. Read the interview below for more information, and check out the video to his hit song “You” at the end of the interview.

  • Out of all the forms of art, what made you want to pick music?  

It's a better way to express myself; it helps me get a lot of things off my chest. Music helped me talk about my feelings and anything that’s on my mind at the moment.


  • When I went to purchase your single “You“, I also noticed that you had a project that was released last year in September. Is that where your music career started, and if so, what was it like?

 My music career began a few mixtapes back, but “You” is where I started getting more professional with my career. Getting notoriety, and getting recognized. I noticed a lot of people finding out about me and my music because of Vine, so whenever I release something I’d promote in on there. Social media is a really great place to get noticed, especially Vine; a lot of people noticed my music on there.

  • Who are some of your inspirations in music, and why? And is there anyone that you'd like I work with?

Drake, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy. But if I had to work with atleast one of them, I would have to pick Travis Scott.

  • How did you come how with your hit song “You”, how was it created? Is there a story behind it?

 Just a normal situation that all of us go through. The song is talking about me getting myself together after doing my dirt, and treating my girl better.  A normal girlfriend and boyfriend story.

  • Your hit song “You“, has gotten a lot of buzz when it was first released, and it got a lot of positive feedback, along with it being on MTV Jams, how did it make you feel knowing that  your music was making such a big impact?

Man it was amazing, not a lot of people to say that they've been on MTV JAMS, it's just the beginning. So once I get my foot in the door, I'm going to take over the industry.


  • How do you feel about the music industry?

I can't tell anyone what to do or not to do. I feel like staying independent is the best route. My route is pretty much staying independent. I have labels calling and everything, but I'd rather stay independent. It's the best route to me.

  • How does it feel getting all the positive feedback from your music and social media?

I'm not really use to it. It's just really humbling, and I appreciate it a lot. Like even right now, during this interview with you, I'm not use to this. But I do appreciate the experience.

  • So is there any new music on the way, can we expect an EP, a Mixtape, or an Album?

I haven't really figured out anything as far as an album or an EP, just figuring things out as of right now. There's really no set date as of right now. But there will be new music coming soon.

  • I saw a screenshot on your Instagram of a tweet with someone saying that they found your Mixtape “Mkyswrld” on a park bench. How’d you feel about that?

It made me wonder like, why? But it still made me feel good, because I still gained something positive from it. You know what they say “Another mans’ trash, is another mans’ treasure”

  • I also noticed that you’re a graphic designer, not a lot of artists make their own artwork for their music, I find that interesting. What made you get into graphic design?

It's just something that I learned; I just do it for fun. Graphic design isn’t something that’s really my focus right now, but it is something that I have fun doing.

  • I noticed you posting some snippets on Twitter and Instagram, are the snippets upcoming songs that you’ll be releasing, or just stuff to keep us ready?

Just to keep you ready. Never want to let people know that in getting too comfortable, always got to keep the listeners on their toes.

  • What’s some advice that you want to give to anyone else out there who’s trying to become an artist or trying to be involved in the music industry?

Keeping going, and never let anyway stop you from doing what you love. 


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